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Financial support available


If you are working and you become ill 

If you are working and become sick you may be entitled to Statutory sick pay (SSP). More information about SSP can be found here.  


If you work but do not meet the criteria for SSP you my be able to claim ‘New Style’ ESA. More information can be found here  


While you are getting SSP or ESA you may also be able to claim Universal Credit to help pay housing costs and for child care. More information can be found here  


If you lose your job or your hours reduce 

If you are no longer employed, or your income decreases you can claim Universal Credit. More information can be found here  


Help to pay your housing costs 

If you are unable to afford to pay your housing costs (rent or mortgage) you may be able to get help with your housing costs from Universal Credit. More information can be found here  


If you are getting Universal Credit or housing benefit, and are still struggling to pay your rent you may be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment. More information can be found here  


Help to pay your council tax bill  

If you are struggling to pay your council tax bill check to see if you qualify for a discount, or for Council Tax Reduction. 

Single person discount – if you are the only adult in the property you are eligible for the single person discount which will reduce your bill by 25% 

Council Tax reduction – is a means tested benefit which can reduce the amount you pay to your council tax bill.  

Check your local council’s website for more information and to make a claim. 


Help with your water bill   

Severn Trent Water have a scheme called the Big Difference Scheme that can reduce your water bill by up to 90%. More information can be found here  


Help to pay your energy bills  

The Warm Home Discount (WHD) If you are in receipt of a means tested benefit, and are a vulnerable person (or have a vulnerable person living with you) You may be eligible for the Warm Home Discount. The WHD is a payment of £140 made to your electricity account. More information can be found here  

If you have a prepay meter and cannot afford to top it up, you may be able to get a voucher from the Warwickshire local welfare scheme. Their phone number is 0800 4081448 

Energy Trust Funds If you have a debt with your energy provider you may be able to get help to pay it from an energy trust fund. The large providers have their own trust funds, but if your provider doesn’t have their own trust fund you can apply to the british gas trust fund which is open to anyone. More information can be found here  


Benevolent Funds and charities  

You may be able to get additional help from a benevolent fund or charity if you have worked in certain employment sectors. More information about the many charities which are out there is available on the turn2us grants search  


Food Banks 

There are foodbanks throughout the county that will provide food to those in a crisis. Most of the foodbanks are run by the Trussell Trust. More information about the Trussell Trust and their food banks can be found here  

You can get a food bank voucher from your local council or your local Citizens Advice. Please note that the Foodbank maybe running a reduce service please check with them. 


Additionally, the government has announced the extra support for businesses during the corona crisis.


Information for business owners

Information about the support available to businesses can be found here

This includes information on:

  • Loans, tax relief and cash grants that are available
  • Employers might be eligible for financial support to pay wages
  • Self-employed people might be eligible for a taxable grant covering 80% of trading profits